Best courses after 12th commerce for Girl

Here in this article, we present a comprehensive list of useful courses for any girl student after 12th according to her talents and skills.

Best courses after 12th commerce for Girl
Best courses after 12th commerce for Female Students

If you have just finished your 12th exam and you are confused about what to do after 12th, then this the post will show you various career options and courses that are open to you after 12th.

Especially if you are a student of commerce and looking for a course to take in after 12th here is a list of expected courses after 12th that a girl student can follow.

As we know today, women and men move together in every aspect of life. They no longer have four wall boundaries. In addition to proper education and communication, the invention of modern technology has given every woman ample space to live according to her aspirations and dreams.

So, if you are one of those women who want to follow her dream and aspire to be the next corporate leader, here is the chance to do so. Here in this article, we present a comprehensive list of useful courses for any girl student after 12th according to her talents and skills.

Courses after 12th Commerce

“With commerce, I have only restricted career options, such as CA, CS, and B.Com”
“Only applicants from a business-class family background should go for commerce”

The proclamations above are some thoughts we have been directed by our society, parents, and friends to trust, but barely hold a candle to the fact. The fact is that the commerce stream, much in the same way as science, or humanities for that matter, unlocks up numerous career prospects for students. This is also one of the most common streams among students after 12th.

In this, a student can get to learn about financial and management practices. It is appropriate for students who have outstanding logical skills. They can opt this stream with Maths as an added subject. 

Other main subjects of Commerce are- Economics, Accounts and Business Studies.

So, if you are eyeing to choose your stream after 10th, or have by now decided for commerce, or are unsure of your career path after commerce, we present to you some of the exciting and lucrative career opportunities, Commerce stream holds for the female students.

Chartered Accountancy (C.A)

One of the most familiar and widespread career paths for commerce students, Chartered Accountant (C.A), is a globally recognized proficient certification lead by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). 

A Chartered Accountant works across several domains of business such as audit, taxation, investment, finance, etc. to upsurge the effectiveness of the firm.

You can find professional opportunities in government and private organizations, in roles such as reviewing, tax checking, corporate finance, investment banking, etc. You would also have the choice to set up the private practice after a few years of practice.

Chartered Accountant salary India
Data as per glassdoor

Company Secretary (C.S)

Company Secretary is a specialized course managed by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). 

The Company Secretary takes care of the effective management of a company, mainly with respect to safeguarding legal and constitutional obedience, and governance-related issues such as ensuring that the decisions of the board of directors is implemented.

Their job involves giving advice on conducting business, dealing with situations involving conflict of interest, suggesting ways to prepare financial reports, developing corporate strategy, assisting in planning, and advising on company law.

You can work with both public and private sector organizations and render services in areas such as legal, secretarial and corporate governance, corporate restructuring, foreign partnerships and joint ventures, negotiation and reconciliation, project planning, capital market, investor relations, financial management, corporate advisory facilities, etc.
Company Secretary salary in India
Data as per glassdoor

Bank PO

Bank Probationary Officer (PO) is an entry-level position in a bank, where an individual starts as a trainee. Bank PO exams are piloted by both public and private banks.

During the provisional period (2 years), the applicants are required to work across various deeds connected to the daily working of a bank, such as managing cash flow, client complaints, overseeing clerical work, loan dispensation and approval, delivering ATM cards and checkbooks, etc.

After the conclusion of the trial period, the candidate becomes an assistant manager, with a viewpoint at becoming the branch manager and attaining higher positions over the years.

You can find numerous positions of work in the bank, with, accounts clerk, managerial assistant, cashier, credit officer, insurance officer, postal employee, financial dealer’s assistant, etc.

Bank PO salaries in India
Data as per glassdoor


Nurses do various tasks, from providing essential healthcare to supplementary doctors with progressive and dangerous measures. 

Those involved in becoming a nurse can chase several learning options created on their career goals and level of care they hope to provide.

There are three main types of nurses. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) offer elementary care while oversaw by registered nurses and doctors.

Registered nurses (RNs) care for patients, deliver support to patients' relatives, and help doctors in medicinal procedures. Extra education can lead to further specialization as a progressive practice registered nurse.

Nursing salary in India
Data as per glassdoor

Airline Cabin Crew

Making a profession as an airline cabin crew will take you to several exciting places in India and around the world. It is one of the best courses after 12th commerce that are constantly in vogue. 

Plus, there are some excellent courses that teach you the fundamentals of working as a cabin crew.

In India, airline cabin crew is commonly called Air Hostesses for females and Flight Stewards for males.

There are short courses obtainable after the 12th standard for becoming cabin crew. Once nominated by an airline, you will obtain additional training. It unlocks entries to a thrilling career that can take you everywhere around the world.

Airline Cabin Crew salary in India
Data as per glassdoor


Well, you must be aware of well-known news reporters like Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt And, if you hope to become like them, a course in Journalism and Mass Communication will be the right thing to do.

The occupation of journalism and mass communication is interesting and daring and more & more woman are joining this occupation as it promises job fulfillment and recognition on the same hand.

The growth of digital media has made the scope of mass communication and journalism even more comprehensive where job roles in the form of reporters, copywriters, producers, anchors, experts and contributors are in great demand.

Mass communication salary in India
Data as per glassdoor

Fashion Designing

The growth in economic development and modern values has impacted our lifestyles. Today, everybody wants to carry a classy lifestyle in terms of attires, food, travel, education, and association.

Seeing this trend, Fashion Designing has stood up as the warmest career option for some time now. Every second-person on earth needs to dress in a stylish and gorgeous way, and due to these fashion creators are now in huge demand. 

Fashion has come to be an essential part of everyone’s life in this modern society.
Apart from the above mentioned courses which we have mentioned in this article, there are several diploma courses as well which a girl student can pursue after 12th with commerce stream.

Digital marketing is now one of the most exciting and sought after courses after 12th. Typically, the duration of a digital marketing course after the 12th is 3 to 12 months. A good digital marketing course prepares you for the job market.

Fashion Design salary in India
Data as per glassdoor

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all the marketing strategies that drive your business using online channels. Your organization's digital marketing efforts can include everything from approval to social media. Most digital strategies include paid channels like PPC and unpaid channels like SEO.

Digital Marketing Jobs

It is not considered in any case of specialization in particular. There are many students who are doing this course and are still in school. They want to start and promote their blog, website, or YouTube channel. 

With any stream, you can do a digital marketing course after twelfth. BBA / MBA students basically do this to upgrade their skills.

However, today an integrated course in digital marketing is considered equivalent to any BBA and MBA degree due to its high proficiency and according to industry experts it is the best diploma course after 12th.

Thus, commerce students have a lot of skills to try in this field. Every student in the commerce stream knows how to manage data and they have perfect analytical skills which are two of the most important skills to survive in the digital marketing world.

Also, the term marketing and its meaning is much more familiar to business students which will make it easier for them to upgrade to digital marketing. 

So, it may be the best opportunity to learn a computer course after 12th.

Duration: 3-12 months Course After 12th Arts/ Commerce/ Science

Eligibility:  No such qualification required but a minimum qualification required to understand the technical aspect of Digital Marketing.

You will work great in this field if-

You want to promote your family business
You are planning to start your own business with blogs and Youtube etc.
You are interested in making videos.
You would like to work on social media
If you think you can influence someone with your skills.

Where to do Digital Marketing Course 

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to increase your top skills. You can choose the best platform to pursue your digital marketing course and there cannot be any better platform than Google Digital Garage.

The Digital Garage is a non-profit nationwide program from Google delivering free digital marketing course by Google via an online learning platform.

This platform provides individuals with a tailored training plan to learn digital skills, completely for free. Individuals who complete the full learning course online will receive a certificate endorsed by Google and IAB Europe.

Free courses from Google to become a digital expert
Snapshot of Google Digital Garage

Digital Marketing course by Google will help you to get a better understanding of all the elements of Digital Marketing-

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media
  3. Content Writer
  4. PPC
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Web Designer
  7. Graphic Designer
  8. Digital Sales
  9. E-commerce Marketing

Our Final Thoughts

Although women’s paychecks are frequently likened against men’s paychecks, the issue of differences between several careers is more important. Chasing one of the above mentioned best-paying jobs for female students is not just about determining your future.

So here in this article “Best courses after 12th commerce for Girl” we have listed down various courses a girl student can choose as per her skills and talent after 12th and also we have discussed where can you find free digital marketing course by Google and explore the never-ending possibilities.

So take your first step now and find the program that can help you established out in the right course.

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